Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a patient navigator or advocate?

A:    It’s a person or group of people that help you understand the healthcare options available to you and your loved ones. Essentially they function as a health care coach, making you a more confident and engaged healthcare consumer. Independent patient advocacy is a growing profession in the U.S., currently numbering three to five hundred advocates who’s dedication is to your care not the medical organizations bottom line.


Q: What is it not?

A:  PNT does not offer medical or legal advice. It is your responsibility as a client or patient to seek advice from duly licensed professionals, including, but not limited to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and legal providers as needed.


Q: What vaccines make sense and when for my baby?

A:    Being a parent for the first time can be completely overwhelming and to add to it there are several vaccines that you need to know about so you can make the best choice for the health of your child. We talk about vaccines a lot on our podcast and in our social media page to help answer this every question! 



Patient Navigation Team is a professional, private patient advocacy business. PNT is not providing client medical, legal and/or professional advice.  It is the Client’s sole responsibility to seek these types of professional advice from the proper professionals, duly licensed by North Carolina or a related state.

We provide general information, logistical support, guidance and emotional support, when needed; but we don’t provide medical, legal or any type of professional advice.

    The patient advocates at PNT work to provide you and your family support and information, optimizing communication with your healthcare experts. We are dedicated to personalizing our services and putting your mind at ease.

    Let us help you build confidence about your healthcare!

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