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This podcast is meant to be a barrier buster between patients and doctors, the medical system and our community. In these conversations we talk with doctors and patients about treatments, diagnossis, recommended plans for care, and the missing pieces that will help make our medical system what we all need it to be – Transparent.

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Preseason: Hospice Care

Hospice care is about more than end of life, it is about comfort and celebration of life with our loved ones while they are still with us. Take a listen to our short conversation on how hospice care is different than palliative care. We also talk about how a patient advocate can help you navigate the needs of your loved one to select the best care for them! 

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Preseason: Generic prescriptions may mean more than dollars and cents

Many people know that generic prescriptions cost less so can save you some green, but did you know some generic prescriptions have better results than their name brand counterparts? This happens because the name brands, while tested and under ultimate scrutiny, they spend more time in testing than in reworking of the formulas. Generics have an extreme advantage in that they can see what is and isn’t working with the name brands before they roll out their testing. This allows them the opportunity to add in materials that can allow for greater results as it pertains to the prescription in question. Take a listen to this podcast where we share some of the other advantages generic medication can allot for the patient. 

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Season 1 Episode 1: Fibromyalgia

In this podcast we will be having conversations with both Doctors and Patients to help make the limitations of our medical system more transparent for all parties. The intention with this podcast is to start the conversations of change that are already taking place in our society and bring them to the surface where everyone can get involved and feel heard. In this first episode we talk with Stefanie Kiszely who is a long time fibromyalgia patient. We discuss the challenges she faced and some tricks she learned that helped her go from wheelchair at 33 years old to walking again just a year later. Tune in now!


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