Since my last newsletter, we have experienced complete upheaval in our lifestyles.  We have seen a jolt to our financial security and (most importantly) our physical well-being.  I have avoided the temptation to write you about this virus (that shall not be named).  That is because you should ALREADY be informed and adhering to the mandates of your city or county. 

Necessary changes have come at us so quickly, there was no time to really digest what was happening until we were confined to home and Sephora was closed!   As scary as this situation truly is, there are blessings hidden in solitude.  That is where patience comes into play – the patience to reset your mindset.  Patience for yourself and others as we all struggle to accept a new normal.  I am writing these words because I need to read them myself. 

Hopefully, something here will strike a chord with you.  I am not a counselor; this is just me sharing with you.  So, here you go – my humble thoughts: 

  • What or who have you missed terribly?
  • What or who have you NOT missed so terribly?
  • Count your blessings – the real ones.  Most of them are still intact.
  • You can still control more that you may think.  Make a list.
  • Listen carefully to the news once a day – a reliable source. 
  • If you FINALLY learn your natural hair color, there will be no casualties!
  • If you can support a local musician by watching a virtual concert and offering a tip, it’s a win-win!
  • Safely reach out to a neighbor who may need a kind voice or a gallon of milk. 
  • Zoom is NOT just for work meetings anymore!  Get family and friends on the bandwagon too.
  • Smile as often as you can, even if you are wearing a facemask (your eyes smile too)!
  • Find your center – be it faith, meditation, exercise or (better yet) all three.   That’s you calm in the storm.

There it is – the low hanging fruit.  No genius, just the things I would say if we could all talk right now.  Take care of you, take care of yours and make wise choices that take care of the most vulnerable members of your community.

My sincere wishes for your health and safety,
Andrea Alemanni