As Autumn approaches we take the time to refocus on our goals, our health, and our families. It is also at time of year for most places in our country that leaves fall from trees, we have extra rain, and snowy times are not far behind. These can be dangerous times for our older family members.

Some tips to keep your ageing family members safe from slips, trips, stumbles, and falls this autumn.

Aside keeping your walk ways inside and out side your home clear of shoes, boxes, debris, and anything that could be a trip hazard, it is also important to note how and when you and your loved ones are taking certain medications.

Did you know, some medications cause lightheadedness and should be taken in the evening after dinner?

Doing this could help prevent a medication induced fall.

Some questions to ask your doctor if you are experiencing dizziness, fainting, or brain fog may be:

  • Can you test my blood pressure both while sitting and while standing?
  • Can I take these medications a different times of the day?
  • Can I take a smaller dose of the medications that make me feel faint or dizzy?
  • Is there an alternative medication that doesn’t have these side effects?
  • Would it be wise to walk with a cane or walking aid to prevent tripping or slipping due to the medications I am on?

There are several more you could ask depending on your personal medications and medical needs, but these are a great place to start. It is also important that if your medical team is recommending a walking aid such as a cane, that you use the device as it is there to help you feel confident and safe with each step.

Being unsturdy on your feet can be a traumatic experience for anyone, particularly if we are already feeling like our independence is weaning. Be sure to give your family the support they need to feel confident in their medical team, treatments, and life.

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